The Differences Between Omaha Blinds and Omaha Shades

Omaha Blinds_Ambiance Window CoveringsSo you’ve just bought a new home with bare windows or you’ve been putting off getting window coverings in a house you’ve owned for a long time. Either way, that sun coming into the house in the evening is really starting to get in the way of your primetime TV and you’d like a way to control the light in your room while adding a stylish flair to your home.

At Ambiance Window Coverings in Omaha, we pride ourselves on making your experience shopping for window coverings easy and fun with designers that come to you so you can see what your new Omaha blinds and Omaha shades actually look like in your home before you buy!

We know that the process of shopping for window treatments can be hard if you don’t know a shade from a blind, so our Omaha blinds designers will walk you through the differences between shades and blinds so you can decide which style works best for your room!

The Blinds Omaha Ambiance Window Coverings Offers

Blinds are composed of a series of connected horizontal or vertical slats that can be opened or closed at any angle to let in or keep out as much light as you require. As a Hunter Douglas Showcase Dealer, Ambiance Window Coverings offers many types of blinds in Omaha, from Parkland Genuine Wood Blinds to Reveal with Magnaview Blinds, which offer the look of traditional blinds with a viewing area twice that of normal blinds when opened. There are many more Omaha blinds options for you to consider, so contact us today to find out more!

So How are Shades Different?

While blinds are made of connected slats, shades are usually composed of one or two layers of fabric with a structural layer in between that lay flat when closed and create horizontal folds when opened. The main difference in functionality between Omaha blinds and Omaha shades is light control—with blinds, you have a greater degree of control of the light level in a room. Shades, however (especially blackout roller shades), are better at completely blocking light from entering a room.

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At Ambiance Window Coverings, we want to make sure your window treatment shopping experience is the best it can be. If you think the only way to buy blinds in Omaha is by going to a showroom and guessing what would look good in your home, we want you to know there’s another way. Our designers here at Ambiance Window Coverings will come to your home, bringing samples of all the Hunter Douglas products we offer, so you can see exactly what different window fashions will look like on your windows.

Our blinds designers have the experience to help you through the process of picking the Omaha blinds that are just right for you. Call Ambiance Window Coverings today at (402) 932-9711 or fill the contact form out on our website to schedule a FREE custom design consultation!

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