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A Helpful Guide to Window Coverings

Most room redo’s and upgrades focus on walls, furniture and fixtures to create a new atmosphere. But, forgetting to treat your windows can leave a big hole in your aesthetic by allowing too much — or too little — light in to complete your look.

Helpful Guide to Window Coverings Omaha

A smart window treatment can boost the design of your room and improve its function, whether you need a cozy spot for two or want an elegant backdrop for a big bash you’re planning. Window covering ideas can ensure your room is comfortable with the right mix of insulation and brightness, and they can keep those short corners hidden or give a pop of color to the space.

A Helpful Guide To Window Coverings - Window Coverings Omaha

Whether you’re hunting for new ideas, completely redoing your rooms or just want to take a look at what the latest in home décor is, we hope you’ll enjoy this great guide to window covering ideas. Also be sure to take a close look at our child safety blinds section to find ways to protect your family as well as elegant solutions for hiding those long, hanging cords that might be present in your life today.

And remember, these ideas are just to get you started. Nothing can truly replace running your hands along fabrics or seeing wooden blinds in person. Accept no substitutes and always see about trying before you buy, especially when you’ve got a partner, like Ambiance Window Coverings, that offers in-home testing to make sure you get the fit and style that works best for you.

Window Treatment Ideas for the Living Room

The living room might be the most important space in your home when it comes to window covering ideas because it needs to serve so many purposes. Homeowners want to let the sunshine in early in the morning or late in the afternoon to enjoy the natural light. However, window coverings need to be strong enough to block those rays when it’s time to relax in front of the TV or to keep your home cool during the day.

Window treatment ideas for living rooms can pair that functionality with design to add a splash of color, highlight your architecture, break up walls with a pattern or deliver a unique style to your room. Whether you are trying to change your space or are looking for the perfect set of window treatments and remote control blinds, here are a few themes to consider:

  • Grommet-style fixtures. Curtains with grommets are experiencing their own Renaissance because they provide clean, crisp folds that bring elegance to any room. The grommet allows them to fold neatly when open and expand elegantly when closed. Track systems, rods and other hanging options work well with grommets. This is a quick way to class-up almost any other selection in our list because you can find curtains of nearly any color, pattern and style with grommet rings.
A Helpful Guide To Window Coverings - Window Coverings Omaha
  • Go “flowy” with large rooms. Two-story spaces, living rooms with vaulted ceilings and unusual window shapes that provide a large space can all be made more enjoyable when paired with thick woven shades and long, sheer panels. Mount them high to make the most use of your space and create a feeling that your windows are even larger. The sheers can match your color and style preferences, while making use of any available natural light. Woven shades frame large windows well and don’t take away from the beauty or the style of your sheers. However, weathered wood blinds will also deliver the same look and feel that draws the eyes up to your home’s beautiful architecture.
  • Great backup singers. Sometimes your window treatments will need to blend into the scenery so you can maintain a calm space — for instance if you have an area that can double as a reading nook. Tan and neutral-toned shades will accent the calming feel of your living room, but they also come in a wide range of styles to match your overall look and feel. Modern shades liked the Vignette® Roman Shades will maintain a rustic design and work well both with light rooms and those with accents of leather and stone. Roman shades with a linen fabric can keep a room light and bright, with a soft touch that works with nearly all furniture and fixture styles. If your room has a rustic feel you want to keep simple and enjoyable, consider placing rustic-inspired wood blinds in your windows. They coordinate well with most window frames and are designed to blend in, giving you a warm touch that isn’t overpowering. Choosing a wood stain that’s slightly darker than the window frame or the living room walls creates a beautiful look that prevents sunlight from feeling too bright or overpowering.
A Helpful Guide To Window Coverings - Window Coverings Omaha
  • Make a formal statement. When living rooms are used for entertaining and more formal settings like receiving guests, you’ll want to take some time to build out a style and color scheme that remains proper, but that still has a graceful side. Avoid linens and loose materials that gather or bunch.Silk curtains with long tassels hung from dark wood or metal rods set high are a quintessential formal living room look. Pair these panels with large-slat blinds or Shutters to further define the lines of the room. These spaces tend to have more décor, such as high crown molding. Match the color of your window frame to that molding, and then pick a dark or neutral tone for the window treatments and shutters. If the room becomes too dark, add color with new tassels that are long enough to tie your panels but still look smart and sophisticated when hanging down.
  • Address room concerns. Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades and thick layers of window coverings are able to achieve significant insulation for almost any living room, no matter what style you have. These methods can reduce heat loss by as much as 40% in the cold months and also keep the heat out during the summer.If there are specific concerns for your living room, from heat and too much light to custom wood or molding, there are plenty of color, pattern and fabric combinations available from Ambiance Window Coverings — you don’t have to choose between practicality and style.
A Helpful Guide To Window Coverings - Window Coverings Omaha

Introduce stylish function. The living room always needs an element of functionality to it, whether you keep it as a space to relax after a long day of work, the go-to for playdates or the place to entertain your friends. Match that function with the right look by choosing a shade that enhances your lifestyle

A Helpful Guide To Window Coverings - Window Coverings Omaha

The Vignette Modern Roman Shade offers a clean appearance that can make your space warm and inviting as you unwind. Or, you could try Alustra Woven Textures that relies on natural textures for sophistication thanks to options for light filters and contrast. You can also make the space light and perfect for play with pleated shades that fit securely in the wall and can stay out of reach — ideal for any setting.

Bedroom Window Coverings Omaha Ideas

Unlike the living room, the bedroom tends to be thematic and needs a much more personal touch. You need privacy at night and a strong look during the day, which can set the perfect mood for whatever you have in mind.

Here are just a few bedroom window covering ideas we’ve put together to help you start planning your newest look. We offer a wide variety of blindsshutters and shades — plus fabrics and more — letting you create with total freedom. If you find a style you like below or have something else in mind, just contact us and we’ll find the perfect option to meet your desires. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Dreamy from floor to ceiling. Long drapes in willowy whites, greys and light blues can give your bedroom an airy and whimsical feel. Floor-to-ceiling drapes also work to add a feeling of luxury to your relaxation space. If you want to bring out a regal look, then opt for gold accents, heavy rods and setting the fixtures as close to the ceiling as you can.If you get a lot of sunlight but like gentler or lighter fabrics and colors, consider laying multiple tones you enjoy to keep the dreamlike feel without having a room that’s too bright.
A Helpful Guide To Window Coverings - Window Coverings Omaha
  • Find peace in the dark. A room full of dark colors can make it feel small, cluttered and uncomfortable. However, using a color wheel to find deep accents that work well together can avoid all of these — while creating a comfortable bedroom design. Look for richer purples with chocolate and mint colors. You can also accent the window coverings with brighter metal fixtures or install shiny metal lights and artwork to keep things bright.  Mix dark curtains with wispy shades to allow in enough light to keep the room comfortable during the day. Then you can blackout the world to get a good night’s sleep — uninterrupted from cars, streetlights and other annoyances.
  • Try bold and bright. Guest bedrooms often have a strong theme that’s inviting, and they can be home to some of your favorite décor pieces. This can sometimes lead to a mix of styles and color choices for what’s in the room. However, you can bring all of that together by using a bright or bold pattern.Whether you go for a whimsical pattern or look for heavily detailed options, consider a covering that runs from the ceiling to the floor to make a statement that allows the rest of the room to feel more relaxed. When going bright, be sure to pick out coloring that stands out against your walls, whether that means going lighter or darker.If you need help picking out what colors to use to make your statement, take a look in your linen closet. Look for colors that are common all year long in your linens and comforters, and then match other items against those common colors. You might discover a new color or style combination that will continue to work and doesn’t force you to purchase any additional pillows, blankets or other covers for your bed and chairs.
A Helpful Guide To Window Coverings - Window Coverings Omaha

Bohemian chic. Blinds are perfect for bedrooms because they can keep all of the sunshine out or let the right amount in. Choosing wooden slats with large, beaded pulls will give you a modern, hip feel. A light set of sheers can help you even more by breaking up the space. They come in patterns and tones that bring out the “Mad Men” style already present in bohemian décor.

To take it a step further and really set your bedroom apart, consider using drapes as room dividers. You can maintain the same color scheme and style, but you’ll give yourself a private space that’s perfect for getting away.

Room dividers work well with any dual-purpose space as well. However, by working with cloth —  as opposed to wooden or metal dividers — the room will keep its soft feeling that can encourage closeness and a good night’s rest.

Master your space. Windows are sometimes located in odd spaces in bedrooms, making them difficult to use or properly cover. Our bedroom window covering ideas also include getting some custom tailored panels to help out those narrow or awkward spaces.

Pleated panels can create a natural draw for the eye and help turn the window into a frame for the entire room. Match the carpet and the drapes to pull together the entire space and give you some room for a funky accent chair or bedspread.

Provenance woven wood vertical drapery and skyline vertical panels each give you a unique option to enjoy natural-feeling materials with an air of modernity. They’ll let the right amount of light in and give you adjustable options that allow the space to stay flexible.

Hardwood shutters go gentle. One of the latest trends in bedroom design is the use of hardwood shutters to give the bedroom a natural, earthy feeling. By sticking with strong woods, you’ll have an easy way to manage the light that enters the room and get to see the natural beauty when you wake.

Woods are excellent options to filter out harsh lights, provide ventilation when the weather outside is great and to create a comfortable niche in the world. Pair them with light-colored walls and floors so your bed and furniture can provide an accent that breathes life, but maintains a cool, gentle aesthetic.

These are just a few of the amazing ideas we’ve seen executed so far this year. Want more? Try taking a look at these helpful tips for redecorating your bedroom.

Importance of Child Safety Blinds

Child safety is important in every single window covering and blind in homes with small children. Household items can often be hidden dangers, so it’s our job as a responsible home décor providers to help you make safe choices that will look fantastic long after your family grows up.

Ambiance Window Coverings specializes in Hunter Douglas products, so we’d like to introduce you to some functions and features specific to Hunter Douglas options. Even our custom window treatments utilize their products, so we can incorporate many safety features while giving you the unique look you deserve.

If your home has small children or some are on the way, we suggest considering a few of these important child safety blind options:

A Helpful Guide To Window Coverings - Window Coverings Omaha
  • Cordless systems. Shade and blind technologies like LiteRise and SimpleLift allow you to raise and lower blinds without a cord, simply pressing or pulling on a rail located at the bottom of the blind. These modern updates to established technologies ensure the blinds don’t bunch or fall, but retain an elegant look all year long.
  • Motorized, remote-controlled blinds. A wide selection of Hunter Douglas blinds is designed to work with internal motors that prevent you from needing to use a lift cord or physically push and pull on your blinds. Not only can these options have their controls placed safely out of a child’s reach, but they are also a perfect fit for windows that are too high up for you to reach comfortably.
  • App-friendly designs. Blinds have entered the world of the Internet! Some of the motorized options that Ambiance Window Coverings carries have digitized the remote. Say goodbye to another control panel in the wall that requires an installation and hello to a simple app control for your Apple or Android device.
  • Side-by-side sliding. Dangling cords represent the biggest threat to children when it comes to your blinds. One the easiest ways to eliminate that risk is to eliminate the need. Your options have expanded beyond traditional designs to include new Vertiglide options that can slide side-to-side for your windows and sliding glass doors. Large options also make great room dividers when you need a simple space to close off for added privacy.

Even the room-sized dividers lack lift cords, chains and wands that can present a danger with children around.

Extra Layers for All

Child safety blinds are important for any home where children are. Even if you have rooms that children aren’t able to enter or rooms with existing window treatments you love, there are many options available to help you increase the child safety of those treatments.

Ambiance Window Coverings has a wide selection of stylish options to help you keep cords and curtains out of reach. Be sure to ask us about all of our window covering accessories including cord tensioners and cord cleats. They’re also perfect to give your room a streamlined, appealing look by hiding cords.

GREENGUARD Certified Window Coverings Omaha

Hunter Douglas has revamped its production line to help it achieve the GREENGUARD environmental certification for indoor air quality. The certification covers a wide range of the brand’s product lineup, many of which we carry. Along with its high-quality style and versatility, these products are designed to contribute to healthier indoor air quality.

The GREENGUARD certification means that when you buy from Hunter Douglas, you’re protecting your home from volatile organic compounds that can emit from some home and building materials or furnishings. These goods have lower chemical emissions and even have tighter manufacturing controls, so there’s less pollution during both manufacturing and their use.

Custom Window Treatments

These were some of our favorite ideas for window treatments in two of the most important rooms in your home, and we hope you found something you like. If you did, or if you need a little more advice on what to do with your specific space, we invite you to consider custom window treatments for your home.

Every home and interior style is unique, and you’ll find great joy when your home is able to reflect that individuality. Many people will aim to make a house unique with furniture or accent pieces, but window treatments may be the most important element because they are always present and have the ability to strongly emphasize your style.

Ambiance Window Coverings offers a consultation for any homeowner or renter to move beyond the blasé look of generic blinds, shades, curtains and other treatments. A custom solution can bring your style to life and give you options that look good as your home ages.

With more than 20 years of experience, Ambiance Window Coverings has plenty of experience in crafting a look for even the most discerning of customers. We feature a huge selection of high-quality products and know how to showcase the style you want, even if you don’t have the right words for it.

Browse our complete selection, and then call us for your free in-home look to make sure you have the perfect window dressings for your home.

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