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Many people think that blinds are just for privacy, but in truth they have a wide variety of uses and aesthetic functions as well that make blanket pricing difficult. Our job at Ambiance Window Coverings is to match you to the perfect blinds and other window treatments for your new Omaha home through a process that’s fun and easy! Our Omaha blinds designers will talk about the things you need to know to make the best decision in window blinds and shades that match your needs, style, and personality.

First Thing’s First, Let’s Talk Functionality

For every room you need blinds for in your Omaha home, chances are the blinds you choose are going to be serving very different purposes. The blinds you need for a living room where you’ll mostly be watching TV or movies, for instance, will be very different than those you choose to go in the kitchen. At Ambiance Window Coverings, we have the experience to show you what kinds of Hunter Douglas blinds are best for every room in your home, and our Omaha blinds experts can guide you through the many available colors, styles, and fabrics for each window covering type.

Your Blinds Needs at the Right Price!

At Ambiance Window Coverings in Omaha, we can come up with a blinds design to fit practically any budget! It just depends on your style. Are you concerned more with privacy than aesthetics? Or are you one of those people who has the knack for automatically gravitating toward the most expensive item in the store? No matter what kind of person you are, our Omaha blinds designers can figure out a fantastic solution to your window treatment needs that fits into your budget.

The Ambiance Difference in Window Blinds

Some window blinds dealers in Omaha make you go to a store to see what they have to offer, but this isn’t the best way to go about making an important purchase decision! How can you know what window treatments would look best in your home unless you see what they look like in your home? That’s why our designers come to you, with samples of every Hunter Douglas product we offer—this way you can see what different styles actually look like on your windows, and our designers can guide you to the most attractive window treatments that feel at home in your home!

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At Ambiance Window Coverings, our goal is to provide you the highest quality Hunter Douglas blinds and other window treatments, paired with expert advice from our team of experienced window fashion designers! Give us a call today at +1-402-932-9711 or fill out the contact form on our website to schedule a free custom design consultation.

Donna Schrader

Donna Schrader

Lead designer with over 23 years of design experience as a certified Window Fashion specialist.

New Omaha Home? Here’s What to Look for in Blinds!

At Ambiance Window Coverings in Omaha, a common question we hear all the time is this: “We’ve just bought a new home but we don’t like any of the blinds or window treatments that are already there. We don’t have a clue of where to start pricing them out, so how much can I expect to pay to replace them?” The first thing our Omaha blinds designers at Ambiance Window Coverings say to this is it depends.

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