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Opacity in Shades

When choosing the right opacity of the fabric, it is important to know what that means. At Ambiance Window Coverings we pride ourselves in asking the right questions when it comes to finding the right opacity of shade that best fits your needs. There are several different opacities. Sheer Opacity will give you the most light and the least privacy. Semi-Sheer will give you moderate light and some privacy. Semi-Opaque will give you some light but more privacy and Opaque will give you the least light with the most privacy.

Top Treatments for Shades

While offering tons of different fabrics and opacities, we also offer six different top treatments for designer shades. We offer the Standard Roll, Reverse Roll, Fabric-Wrapped Cassette, Fascia, Pocket and a fabric valance.

Bottom Bar Treatments for Shades

Yes, you even have a choice of the bottom bar. We here at Ambiance Window Coverings remember the details of all the shades. With a designer shade you have a choice of a Round Bottom Bar Unwrapped, a Round Bottom Bar Fabric-Wrapped, Flat Metal Bottom Bar Fabric-Wrapped and a Flat Metal Bottom Bar Unwrapped.

Designer Shade Operating Systems

Each designer shade comes with your choice of standard Easy-Rise continuous cord loop, the Ultraglide system for simple, smooth options and enhanced safety, and the Literise operating system which is a cordless system and operates with just the touch of a finger. Omaha shades also come with the Platinum App— the ultimate in convenience. Now you can operate your shades with few taps on an Apple or Android mobile device. Plus, through RemoteConnect , you can control your shades from anywhere in on the planet.

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Donna Schrader

Donna Schrader

Lead designer with over 23 years of design experience as a certified Window Fashion specialist.

Omaha Designer Shades

As an Exclusive Omaha Hunter Douglas Showcase Dealer, we want you to know when purchasing shades, that there are many choices in shades in terms of style, color, material and functions. Our enhanced fabric collection is the largest in the market and gives customers countless design options. In this article our team of Omaha shade designers at Ambiance Window Coverings will show you many different options in choosing the right shades for your window. With playful colors, rich textures and bold patterns, these shades solutions make a definite style statement for any Omaha home.

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