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Starting an Omaha Custom Blinds Search

You might have any number of goals for a new window treatments in your Omaha home, including:

  • privacy
  • UV protection
  • insulation at the window
  • enhanced décor

You might even have an additional challenge of a vertical versus horizontal window or a specialty shape such as an oval, a semicircle, a skylight, or an octagon. Hunter Douglas in Omaha offers solutions for each of those things, so just be sure you know what challenges you want to overtake.

Omaha Custom Draperies Fabric

That too, seems obvious, but it bears noting: Custom draperies in Omaha and top window treatments allow you bring your own personal style to a room. They can be used alone or combined with blinds or shades. Consider the following:

  • If you want to just add softness or color to the room, you may want to consider stationary drapery panels instead of full draperies
  • Add a blackout lining or combine draperies with a shade to further control a room’s light
  • A valance or cornice would add interest to your room. Think about changing them out for winter and summer to keep your room looking fresh all year long

Shade and Omaha Custom Blinds

We might seem obvious, but it’s important to note that the functionality of blinds/shutters and shades is different.

  • Blinds and shutters are considered tilters. You tilt the vanes up or down to adjust the amount of light entering the room.
  • Shades are considered “lifters.” You lift or lower them to control the light. A bonus for shades is the is called top-down/bottom-up operation, which allows you to adjust light from the top or bottom or both.

Find the Right Window Treatments in Omaha, Nebraska

Ambiance Window Coverings Omaha | Omaha Custom Blinds

At Ambiance Custom Window Coverings in Omaha, we exclusively stock a full line of Hunter Douglas custom blinds and shades and other custom window treatments. All of our products are from the finest materials and backed by a lifetime guarantee. To learn more about our hybrid shutters and blinds or to explore your window design possibilities, contact us today by completing our online contact form or calling +1-402-932-9711.

Donna Schrader

Donna Schrader

Lead designer with over 23 years of design experience as a certified Window Fashion specialist.

Starting an Omaha Custom Blinds Search

At Ambiance Window Coverings in Omaha, Nebraska, we want to ensure that your purchase experience exceeds your expectations. We carry the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments in, which offer numerous features and benefits. But all of those Omaha custom blinds features can seem overwhelming when you’re first starting your window treatments search. It’s important that you get your goals out in advance.

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