Let The Sun Shine In Savings Event

let the sun shine in savings event

Our Hunter Douglas Let The Sun Shine In savings event is going on now! Now through September 14th you can take advantage of incredible saving on our exclusive Silhouette® Shadings. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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Silhouette® Shadings

Elevate your home with these stylish window treatments.  Silhouette® Shadings are a great option for allowing light into your home.  Silhouette® shadings feature our Signature S-Vane™ that magically floats between two sheer fabrics. They offer a spectacular way to diffuse harsh sunlight. Simply tilt the vanes to the position that offers you the best level of light and privacy. With no cords or tapes, Silhouette shadings offer a stunning view through. You can pick your vane size up to 4”.  Window treatment rebates make them more affordable than ever!

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Alustra® Silhouette Shadings

When just ordinary won’t do, our Alustra® Silhouette® shadings offer exclusive fabric selections. Choose from textured front sheers, metallic accented vanes and upscale hardware finishes. You will love these stylish innovations for their dramatic presentation and soft view through.

let the light shine in savings event

Beautiful Window Treatments With Amazing Options!

Silhouette® Shadings come with a variety of options to allow you to get the most out of your window treatments. Here are just two of our options that make your Silhouette® Shadings convenient and functional for any room in your home.

room darkening shadesSilhouette® A Duex™

A Deux™ offers a room-darkening shades option by combining an Silhouette® or Alustra® Silhouette® shading and a room-darkening roller shade in a single headrail.  Available as an option on PowerView™, LiteRise®, and EasyRise™ operating systems

Powerview™ Motorization

motorized shadesThe PowerView™  feature allows you to program your shades to operate when you want them to and how you want them to. You can set them up to operate throughout the day without any intervention on your part or use one of the beautiful handheld remotes to change the settings whenever you want. With the Powerview™ App you can also open or close your shades while you’re away.  Enjoy futuristic automated window treatments to simplify your world!

Let The Sun Shine In Saving Event

Enjoy exclusive savings with Hunter Douglas Let the Sun Shine In Savings Event!  When you buy 2 Silhouette® or 2 Alustra® Silhouette® shadings you will receive a $100 rebate. With each additional unit, you will receive a rebate for $50 more! With savings like these, now is the perfect time to dress up your windows with stylish new window treatments.  Call Ambiance Window Coverings while the savings event is going on! We can help you decorate your home today!


Introducing Our New Motorized Window Treatments

New motorized window treatments make controlling your window fashions easier than ever. We are pleased to offer the latest advances in window treatment motorization. Hunter Douglas PowerView™ Motorization and the PowerView™ App.

motorized window treatmentsJust Imagine…

Think about how often you open and close your window treatment throughout the day. Consider a typical day where you open and close the shades in your toddler’s room. You open them in the morning as your little one wakes up. Around 10 it’s time for a nap and the shades go down. About a half hour later you’re raising them again. Your child plays for a while in the room with the natural light coming in. During the hottest part of the day from 12-1 you want to block some of the heat from the sun so you again close the shades. You keep them that way until after naptime.  Then you open them back up for playtime. It’s been a long day. You close the shades as you help your little one get ready for bed. Now imagine, that your window treatments anticipated your needs and open and closed, throughout the day, all by themselves. That is how new motorized shades operate. This isn’t a story from the future but a modern convenience you can use today!

automated window treatmentsAll The Possibilities Available…

PowerView™ Motorization works using the PowerView™ App. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can program scenes or position settings to correspond to times when you want your new motorized shades positioned a certain way. You can program an entire day’s worth of settings or using one of our new remote controls you can choose when the scene will take place. For example, you may like the shades half lowered while you do Pilates. You could program the shades to go to the “Pilates” position at the same time everyday or you could use the remote control to start “Pilates” whenever you want. With the PowerView Motorization, you can control one window or a group of windows. The possibilities are limitless.

Using Your New Motorized Window Treatments

Like all our products, we won’t leave you wondering how to operate your new motorized shades. Ambiance Window Coverings can provide you with all the support and training to get the most out of your motorized window treatments in Omaha.  Once you get the general idea, using your automated window treatments is easy using the PowerView App. If you have any questions about our new motorized window treatments or you would like to see PowerView Motorization in action, call Ambiance Window Coverings today!


Window Treatments for A Good Night’s Sleep

window treatments for a good night's sleepYou can decorate your bedroom with the right window treatments for a good night’s sleep. Here are a few simple solutions that can turn your room into a sleeping sanctuary.

Soft Shades and Simple Patterns

Any decorator will tell you that color can play an important role in how you feel. You wouldn’t want to paint your bedroom a jazzy yellow color and using that same reasoning, you wouldn’t want to include busy patterns or bright colors in your window fashions. Soft shades, simple patterns and complementing cool colors work best.

Control The Amount of Light Coming In Windows

You can control the light and privacy you experience when you decorate your bedroom with many of the window treatments available from Hunter Douglas. Fabrics come in many different translucencies including opaque options. Many of our products, including our Woven wood shades also come with blackout liners for a good nights sleep.

Automated Window Treatments Allow You To Supervise the Sun

Experts tell us, how you wake up is just as important to feeling refreshed, as how you fall asleep. Waking up slowly with the rising of the sun is something we don’t get to enjoy too often. With Hunter Douglas’ Platinum App you can manage your window treatments to open in the morning with the sunrise if you like or a little later if sleeping in is what you prefer.

Eliminate Clutter For A Good Night’s Sleep

Eliminating clutter can help you feel more rested. Bedrooms with less junk can facilitate a good nights sleep. Besides removing some of your furniture and making sure your closet isn’t spilling out into the room, you can also take advantage of streamlined window treatments like simple roller shades that have no cords or strings to clutter the window seal with.

Keep Your Bedroom Clean and The Air Pure

Allergens like dust, dander and pollen can trigger allergies and asthma that prevent you from sleeping well. Besides running an air purifier, keep your bedding clean. For a soothing clean smell, try adding a calming essential oil or fragrance to your linens when you wash them.  Window Treatments in the bedroom come in many dust resistant, green fabrics that promote cleaner air quality and a more restful sleep.

Window Treatments For a Good Night’s Sleep

As you can see there are many ideas and options to help you decorate your bedroom for a good night’s sleep. Some people are more concerned with letting the room breathe with fresh air than blacking out the lights. Window treatments that allow air to flow through and starlight to stream in may be what you need. The beauty of custom window treatments is that you can choose exactly which features you prefer and you can tailor how you decorate your bedroom to suit your needs and your style. Ambiance Window Coverings can help you choose the right window treatments for your bedroom. Call today for a free in-home consultation.