4 Rustic Window Treatment Ideas

4 rustic window treatment ideasWe offer 4 rustic window treatment ideas to inspire you to create your own unique rustic decor.  When you decorate with custom window treatments, you have limitless options to create the right look.  We can help you design the perfect window treatments.  Ones that look fantastic and operate just like you need them to.  Here are a few window treatments for the rustic decor:

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Are Nantucket™ Shades Right For You?

Are nantucket™ shades right for you?Are Nantucket™ Shades right for you? That depends on if you like the look and feel of natural light as it softly diffuses through your room. Our Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ shadings offer a selection of soft sheers in a variety of fabrics. They are both stylish and sensibly priced too. Nantucket™ shadings feature 3” vanes that tilt easily for effective control of light and privacy.

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Beautiful Fabrics

You will find an array of beautiful fabrics used in our Nantucket™ shadings. The unique names say it all.   Fabric names like Boardwalk, Sun Porch and colors like summer linen and deck chair give the idea of soft summer colors and relaxing on a summer’s day. You will love the look of these elegant sheers and the natural lighting that diffuses into your room. In our Sunscreen privacy shading fabric, optional rear screen fabric is available. This gives your shade the look and benefits of a screen shade.

Nantucket™ shadings

Easy Operating Systems

Nantucket™ shadings come with a variety of operating systems designed to give you the ability to open and close your shades or adjust the vanes without too much effort.  Choose PowerView Motorization if you want to program your shades to work effortlessly throughout the day all on their own.  This is a smart and sensible solution.  Not only is it hands free but you also can set your shades to open and close maximizing the energy efficiency of your shades.  Keep southern exposed shades closed while your away and open when your not.  The ability to do this without thought means you’ll never forget to close the shades.  Other operating systems include our LiteRise®and UltraGlide™ and EasyRise™ systems that are safe for kids and pets too.

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Are Nantucket™ Shades Right For You?

Nantucket™ shadings allow you to enjoy your windows and your view.  You’ll love having the ability to allow light in when you want it and to completely close the shades when you don’t.  Tilting the vanes allow you to increase the light as much as you want.  If you are thinking about decorating with our Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ shadings, call Ambiance Window Coverings.  I’ll be happy to show you our beautiful Nantucket™ shades as well as our other modern shades.  You’ll love the way they look and how they create beautiful effects with ambient light.  Are Nantucket™ shades right for you?  What are you waiting for?  Call now to find out.