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Window Blinds and Child Safety

When you want to purchase new blinds, we as Omaha’s premier Hunter Douglas Showcase Dealer want you to know there are many decisions you have to make in terms of style, color, material, and function. However, the most important characteristic of the custom blinds for your home should be child safety, especially if you have young children! Corded window covering systems can present strangulation hazards for your little ones, and that’s why we at Ambiance Window Coverings love and carry the Hunter Douglas window treatment line as they offer many control options that forgo cords entirely! These cordless controls don’t just protect your family—they’re also an easy-to-use and attractive addition to your Omaha blinds.

In this article, our team of custom Omaha blinds designers at Ambiance Window Coverings will show you many of the different cordless control systems available for your new Hunter Douglas window coverings so you can make the wisest decision for your situation.

The LiteRise® System is the Perfect Blind Solution

Cordless operation couldn’t be simpler than with this innovative control system. Rather than relying on cords or wands to open and close your blinds, with LiteRise you simply use your fingers. By grasping the blind’s lowest rail you can raise or lower your blinds with ease. Aside from being convenient and safe for children and pets, the LiteRise system offers a streamlined appearance that’s attractive in any room.

Motorized Lift Systems

Motorized lift systems from the Hunter Douglas line eliminate the need for cords while providing many additional benefits. Imagine being able to raise and lower your Omaha shades by wall switch or a remote! Or if you happen to leave the house and forget to lower your shades, you don’t have to go back to close them with the Hunter Douglas Platinum™ App for Apple mobile devices. One simple tap opens and closes your new custom window coverings from any location!

The Clutch Lifting System

This ingenious system uses a spring-like mechanism to raise and lower your Omaha window blinds easily without the need for long cords that could be hazardous for children and pets. Shades that use this system come with a shortened, decorative pull that lets you open and close the shades with a touch of elegance.

Wand Control

This cordless solution for vertical blinds incorporates all the functionality of a cord into one sleek wand. With this control system you can open and close the shades with a simple swivel or sliding motion. It’s also an aesthetically pleasing alternative to long, tangle-prone, and potentially dangerous cords.

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