6 Common Mistakes When Buying Window Treatments

Last Updated: December 9, 2023

6 Common Mistakes When Buying Window Treatments
6 common mistakes when buying window treatments is our list of mistakes we’ve come across when we meet homeowners who are looking for window treatments. You would be amazed how many times we are called into a home to fix a disaster that could have been avoided. Here are our top 6 window treatment mistakes:

Buying a Cheap Window Treatment

We’ve all heard you get what you pay for. With window treatments this couldn’t be more true. Window treatments do so much for the overall look of your home. This is one area where skimping could leave you unhappy with the results. You want to make sure the window treatments you choose are durable, easy to clean and made to withstand heat, sunlight and everyday wear.   At Ambiance Window Coverings, we sell Hunter Douglas window treatments. You can feel confident that our window treatments are made with the best materials. Hunter Douglas has years of innovative designs and details that make their products work well and look amazing.

Buying Window Treatments For Looks Only

We totally agree, your window treatments need to add the right look to your décor. They need to be beautiful. But, they also need to function like you need them to. They need to open the way you want. They need to have all the bells and whistles that are important to you and how you live. We come across homeowners who bought their window treatments not realizing what they could have bought had they only known what was available. You owe it to yourself to see what options there are and then to discuss and decide what functions mean the most to you.

Forgetting Safety and Convenience

When you purchase your window treatments, think about how they operate. If you have kids or pets, make sure there are no cords or other safety hazards. Don’t purchase a window treatment that is hard to operate either. We have many options that make your window treatments easier to use and easier to care for. Choosing the right material to reduce allergens or a stain-resistant material is an example of the many different ways you can customize your window treatments so that you enjoy them more and they fit you better.

Taking the Right Measurements

This is a big problem for the DIY homeowner. Your window treatments have to fit properly to look their best. You can ruin your look by getting the wrong size. You can also ruin the overall look by not understanding how to hang your window treatment or how to pick the right size window treatment. Window treatments should not only fit physically right but they should also fit proportionately and be the right scale to match your room and the furnishings in your home. If the measurements are off or the overall design is wrong, you won’t like the end results.

Rushing to Buy Your Window Treatments

I don’t know how many times we get calls a week before a holiday from homeowners who want to redecorate their rooms with new window treatments. That is impossible. If you want a beautiful look that fits perfectly, you should choose custom blinds. Make sure you order them early. Don’t wait until the last minute or make up your mind and want it done right away. You will compromise on the look and end up with a window treatment you don’t like or that isn’t as nice as you wish it was.

Installing the Window Treatments Yourself

Similar to taking the right measurements, we see homes where the window treatments are hung wrong and you can tell. A professional installer has the expertise to get the job done right so that your window treatments look the way they were designed to look. Anyone who has hung window treatments can tell you it’s not that easy and it takes more time when you try to do it yourself.

6 Common Mistakes When Buying Window Treatments

Don’t let buying window treatments turn into a nightmare. At Ambiance Window Coverings, you can count on getting the perfect solution for your windows. Donna’s experience as an interior decorator will ensure your window treatments fit wonderfully in your home with your style and décor. You can also depend on having a quality window treatment that works just like you need it to. We have experience helping clients figure out what their window treatment needs are and then providing them with all the options they may be interested in. You will love the look of your custom window treatments from Ambiance Window Coverings.

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