8 Rustic Window Treatments Ideas

Last Updated: October 31, 2023

rustic window treatments ideas
Window treatments are an easy way to add style to any room, but choosing the right ones can be tough. Rustic homes require the application of smart decorating tips to enhance the natural feel and charm of a place. Custom window treatments are the perfect way to bring a charming touch into any farmhouse-designed home. There are a variety of treatments that will give your place a comfortable atmosphere. Let's take a look at some of these 8 beautiful rustic window treatments ideas for your cozy farmhouse.
Rustic Window Treatments Ideas

Add Texture with Woven Roman Shades

In farmhouse design, Roman shades made of natural fibers, such as sisal, jute, or bamboo are the perfect choice for your window treatments. In addition to their charm and beauty in any space, they’re environmentally friendly. Add some texture to your space by hanging a woven Roman shade over your kitchen window to bring a rusty vibe to your space. Our Provenance® Woven wood Shades or Solera® Roman shades come in a variety of colors and weave patterns to create a multitude of styles.

Rustic Window Treatments Ideas

Frame the View with linen Curtains

Opt for white linen curtains for a simple window treatment with a big impact. Floor-length white curtains give the windows plenty of elegance and add a delicate touch to your rustic home. These treatments are suitable for the living room, bedroom, and dining room windows. Whether you live in a traditional home or a modern farmhouse, integrate this unique style and enjoy the view from your windows.

Rustic Window Treatments Ideas

Bring a New Pattern into Your Space

Don’t be afraid to play with new patterns and colors to add a luxurious, modern touch to your space. Create your own vision for your living space by using your existing space as a starting point, then look for prints and colors that will blend in nicely with the appearance of your rustic home. At ambiance windows coverings, we custom-made drapery inspired by nature that responds to your home’s unique look and feel.

Rustic Window Treatments Ideas

Charming Wooden Shutters

If you have ever wondered how to add the perfect touch of rustic farmhouse decor to your home, then wooden shutters are what you are looking for. Wood shutters offer the beauty of traditional, rustic wood and they can easily be painted, clear-coated, or stained.

It’s essential to be able to regulate the amount of light coming into your home. These wooden shutters give you complete control over how much light you want in at any time of the day. When you want more natural light, you can have it. When you don’t, you can block it out.

Our gorgeous and timeless, Heritage® Hardwood shutters are strong wooden Shutters that add an elegant touch to your home and fit in with almost any décor.

Make a Statement with Colorful Curtain Sheers

Adding colors to your modern farmhouse room ideas is an excellent way to bring a warm ambiance to your home. Include sheer curtains, but have them in colors as well as white and off-white drapes. The sheer fabric will still allow light through to keep the room daylight filled while preventing glare and helping protect furnishings from the sun.

When opting for a colorful patterned curtain, it’s recommended to keep the rest of the room simple to allow your curtains to do all the talking. Luminette® curtain-style privacy window sheers from Hunter Douglas are great choices whether as rustic curtain ideas or to bring that ambiance to your city home.

Rustic Wood Blinds

Rustic wooden blinds are a classic choice used in interior design around the world for many years, offering both beauty and functionality. They are an excellent way to keep your space looking bright and welcoming while maintaining protection from UV rays and privacy. At Ambiance Window Coverings we have a wide range of wooden blinds including real wood blinds and faux wooden blinds made with durable synthetic materials to keep your blinds looking great for longer.

Lining Sheer Curtains

One of the best curtain ideas is lining them with a second fabric to add a delightful decorative touch. This is an ideal strategy for curtains that are required to maximize privacy in bedrooms or living spaces that are overlooked. A plain color for the interior of the room along with an organic pattern as the second fabric is great for farmhouse decor, you can hold back the curtains to show the contrasting fabric when they are open during the day.

Set the Scene with Dark Curtain Color

Dark curtains may be your last choice when it comes to rustic window treatments ideas. But if your place is full of light colors like white, beige, and mint, dark sheer curtains will really bring out the colors in your space and add contrast to your décor scheme.

Since dark curtains may make a room more dramatic, it’s best to only hang them on the windows where they’ll make the most visual impact. They can make a striking addition to a bare corner or a light room.

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