The Right Ambiance For Your Bedroom

The easiest way to personalize your bedroom decor is to choose a basic design theme and incorporate touches of your own taste and style throughout. Do bold colors and patterns recharge your energy or would you feel more comfortable in a more subdued room? Remember that this room is all for you, so no matter what style you have used to decorate the rest of your home, you can get creative here. Here are 4 of our favorite starter design ideas for bedrooms that you can customize with your own style and flare.

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Window Shutter Designs

bedroom shuttersWindow coverings come in many different types and styles to accommodate different personal design preferences. Picking out interior window coverings that express your personal style is one of the easiest ways to add personality and charm to your living areas. You can alter the entire look and feel of a single room or an entire house simply by changing out the window dressings.

While you can certainly opt for the more traditional look and feel of curtains and blinds, window shutter designs offer a refreshing change. They create unique and bold interior decorating statements that incorporate the traditional plantation design into a more modern style. Learn more about the design qualities and benefits of Hunter Douglas interior shutter designs, choose the best fit for your home and place your order today to start enjoying your new window coverings sooner.


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Hunter Douglas PowerView Capabilities & Uses

automated window treatmentsHave you ever wanted to live in the future where your bed makes itself, your plants do not need watered and your window treatments adjust themselves to create the perfect ambiance regardless of the time of day. Well, luckily now you can live one step closer to your dream world thanks to the Hunter Douglas PowerView, an automated system that automatically moves and adjust your window shades throughout the day, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

The Hunter Douglas PowerView capabilities are numerous and include scheduled and automated controls over your window dressings, reduction in heating and cooling bills and reliable safety your family can count on and trust. The Hunter Douglas PowerView uses vary from keeping your furniture free from damaging sunlight to providing privacy for your home and your family.


Save Money With The Hunter Douglas PowerView

No matter how much time and effort you put into making your home energy systems work as efficiently as possibly you will still lose roughly 50% of your home’s heating and cooling capabilities through windows that are not protected with adequate energy saving window treatments. The Hunter Douglas PowerView provides unmatched energy efficiency thanks to its ability to automatically adjust your window treatments to scheduled positions throughout the day.

The Hunter Douglas PowerView is also capable of being controlled through your smartphone. With this added feature you now have the ability to control the light flow whether you are sitting across the room or are on vacation across the world.

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A Helpful Guide to Window Coverings


Most room redo’s and upgrades focus on walls, furniture and fixtures to create a new atmosphere. But, forgetting to treat your windows can leave a big hole in your aesthetic by allowing too much — or too little — light in to complete your look.

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Here’s What to Know About Aluminum Blinds in Omaha

Omaha Blinds_Ambiance Window CoveringsYou know that you want to buy new Omaha blinds for your home, but you don’t know what kind of blind is best. Out of all the different styles and colors available from Ambiance Window Coverings, Omaha’s premier Hunter Douglas Showcase Dealer, it can be difficult to figure out which blind is best in any given situation. Our blinds designers will cover everything you need to know about our vast array of aluminum blinds so you can make the best purchase decision for your home!Continue reading

How Can I Find the Right Blinds for My Home?

Omaha Blinds_Ambiance Window CoveringsThe great thing about being a homeowner is the ability to make all the decisions about what goes into it. This makes your home an extension of you, rather than just a place you live in! This is also the really hard thing about being a homeowner—sometimes there are so many decisions to make that you don’t know where you should start. If this sounds like you, our Omaha blinds designers want to tell you not to worry, because we have the experience to guide you through the process of choosing window treatments that are perfect for your Omaha home!Continue reading

The Differences Between Omaha Blinds and Omaha Shades

Omaha Blinds_Ambiance Window CoveringsSo you’ve just bought a new home with bare windows or you’ve been putting off getting window coverings in a house you’ve owned for a long time. Either way, that sun coming into the house in the evening is really starting to get in the way of your primetime TV and you’d like a way to control the light in your room while adding a stylish flair to your home.

At Ambiance Window Coverings in Omaha, we pride ourselves on making your experience shopping for window coverings easy and fun with designers that come to you so you can see what your new Omaha blinds and Omaha shades actually look like in your home before you buy!

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New Omaha Home? Here’s What to Look for in Blinds!

Omaha Blinds_Ambiance Window CoveringsAt Ambiance Window Coverings in Omaha, a common question we hear all the time is this: “We’ve just bought a new home but we don’t like any of the blinds or window treatments that are already there. We don’t have a clue of where to start pricing them out, so how much can I expect to pay to replace them?” The first thing our Omaha blinds designers at Ambiance Window Coverings say to this is it depends.Continue reading

More Questions and Answers about Your Window Blinds?

Omaha Blinds_Ambiance Window CoveringsIf you’re looking to replace those 10 year old blinds in your Omaha home we’ve got great news–we can help! We understand how hectic life can be and performing in-depth research can be time consuming, not to mention overwhelming. Who knew there was so much information about blinds! Below, our designers at Ambiance Window Coverings will address the newest questions regarding Hunter Douglas Blinds. We love helping our new and current Omaha blinds customers. If you don’t see your question below, call us today!Continue reading

Current Hunter Douglas Blinds for Your Omaha Home

Blinds_ Ambiance Window CoveringsIf you find yourself in need of some new blinds for your Omaha home, you’re in luck! Our Omaha blinds designers at Ambiance Window Coverings have tons of Hunter Douglas products for you to choose from.

Let’s say you have an Easter celebration planned this month in Omaha and you begin to think about cleaning your house for the occasion. You look up and see the fan is dusty, then you look at your curtains and blinds and you think “ew, how long has it been since those were cleaned? Maybe I should get newer, more functional ones instead.” At Ambiance Window Coverings we think you’re right. Now is the time!

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