What Your Home’s Designer Needs to Know About You

If you’re redesigning your home or designing a new home from the ground up, you’re in a very exciting time! Deciding on the look of your home and watching the pieces come together is almost as thrilling as enjoying the finished product. Some may choose to do it all themselves, but for a really amazing look to your home, it’s a great idea to hire an experienced professional home designer.

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Functional and Beautiful Design Tips

window coveringsNaturally, you want your home to look great, but you may not have the time or the money to create a fully cohesive interior design theme throughout your house. Fortunately, there are almost always design strategies you can use to make any room in your house look beautiful and expertly designed, no matter what you have to work with.

Here are a few ideas for functional and beautiful design options to get you started.

Living Room Design Options

When it comes to your living room, you want to create a feeling of both community and space at the same time, in addition to comfort. Cool colors like blues and greens can help with this, along with some pops of brighter colors, like yellow or orange, to inject some energy into the room.

Your sofa arrangement can be a key element in your living room design. A U-shaped sectional sofa, perhaps with chaise lounges at the end, can stimulate conversation while also giving you, your friends and your family a place to relax.

And don’t forget that little accent pieces scattered throughout your living room, such as a unique statue on a small table, can affordably give your living room a distinctive touch.

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Psychological Benefits of Different Colors in Your Home

It’s long been known that people have a psychological reaction to colors. When decorating your home, you of course, want to choose colors that you like and that you think look great, but you may also want to consider what the psychological effect of various colors will be.

Here’s a quick rundown to get the creative juices flowing!


Red is a warm color — the color of passion and strong emotions. It’s a color that should be used sparingly, as it can have quite a dramatic effect. There’s a reason why the expression “seeing red” came to prominence. Red can be used to warm up a room with a lot of cool colors, like blues and greens, or to add life to a smaller space, like a bathroom or a small kitchen.

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Signature Features and Characteristics of Popular Interior Design Styles

Ambiance Window Coverings of Omaha offers the finest selection of Hunter Douglas contemporary window treatments in Omaha, but even we know there’s more to great interior décor than just window treatments. It’s your personal style that informs the type of window treatments you’ll choose. A modern style calls for modern window coverings. Omaha homeowners who prefer a more traditional décor may opt for a more vintage look over modern curtains.

Omaha homeowners have so many styles to choose from, though, that you may be a little confused. Here’s a quick rundown of all the major styles to help you make your choice.

Art Deco Design Style

The Art Deco style is characterized by sleek, geometric shapes, rounded fronts, mirrored accents and lots of wood, chrome and glass.

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Choosing the Right Window Treatments for Your Home’s Different Needs

As the provider of blinds and curtains in Omaha voted Best of Omaha five years running, Ambiance Window Coverings of Omaha understands that different rooms in your home have different needs when it comes to window treatments. What’s right for your living room will not necessarily be right for your kitchen.

Whether you need kitchen blinds, bathroom shades or bedroom curtains in Omaha, Ambiance Window Coverings of Omaha can help — but first, you have to know what you need and where. Here’s a guide to get you started on picking just the right window treatments for each room in your home.

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4 Rustic Window Treatment Ideas

4 rustic window treatment ideasWe offer 4 rustic window treatment ideas to inspire you to create your own unique rustic decor.  When you decorate with custom window treatments, you have limitless options to create the right look.  We can help you design the perfect window treatments.  Ones that look fantastic and operate just like you need them to.  Here are a few window treatments for the rustic decor:

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2016 Spring Window Treatment Sale

2016 Spring Window Treatment SaleOur 2016 Spring Window Treatment sale is in full swing!  Call Ambiance Window Coverings to take advantage of Hunter Douglas rebates during the Energy Smart Style Savings Event. Rebates are available on select products now through April 11th 2016.  We’ll show you how you can enjoy the beauty of new window fashions and the savings too.  Best of all you’ll realize the difference our energy efficient window treatments make.  They create the perfect environment for you to enjoy all year long.

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Window Treatments For A Contemporary Decor

window treatments for a contemporary decor

Window treatments for a contemporary decor come in many different styles and colors. There are quite a few decor styles trending in 2016 and the contemporary decor is one of them.  If you are thinking about choosing a contemporary decor or you already have one, here are a few window treatment ideas that might help you capture the look you’re after.

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Using Window Treatments To Conserve Energy

using window treatments to conserve energyIf you are concerned about energy efficiency, we will show you how using window treatments to conserve energy makes sense.   Weather forecasters predict a harsh winter in Omaha and keeping your home warm can use a lot of energy.  Choosing the best window treatments for energy efficiency and using them wisely can help conserve energy and lower your heating bill.  Here’s how:

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Introducing The Hunter Douglas Window Treatment APP

introducing the Hunter Douglas window treatment appIntroducing the Hunter Douglas Window Treatment App, the modern way to visualize window treatments. You will enjoy choosing window treatments with the Hunter Douglas App. With the Hunter Douglas, The Art of Window Dressing App, customers in Omaha Nebraska can get an idea how a window treatment will look in their home.  It’s easy to download the app from the app store and you have access to hundreds of photos.  Here are some of the things you can do:

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