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Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

Bamboo, Reed And Woven Wood Shades - Woven Wood Shades

Hand-woven from versatile, light filtering reeds, grasses and woods our Provenance® Woven Wood Shades come in five styles to transform your windows.  Roman shades like the ones pictured above are just one of the many styles available.  Hunter Douglas handcrafts these woven weaves to bring you the best designs made with quality and durability in mind.  Allow the light to filter into your room while maintaining privacy.

Bamboo, Reed And Woven Wood Shades - Woven Wood Shades

Added Shades for Room Darkening Effects

Love the look of natural woven woods but hate the idea of light seeping in, now you can enjoy the best of both worlds.  Room darkening shades have been added to the back of these woven shades to give you a room darkening, black out effect.  This is great for extra privacy and light control.  New innovations allow you to hang both shades on the same headrail for more streamlined look and operation.  As you can see from the picture above they operate separately from one an other giving you more options and control.

Bamboo, Reed And Woven Wood Shades - Woven Wood Shades

Alustra® Woven Textures®

An innovative alternative to woven woods and solar screens, our Alustra® Woven Textures® artfully blend unique fibers and sophisticated design to create distinctive light filtering fabrics.  These are elegant and modern looking, adding texture and a natural feel to your decor.  Handpicked, premium materials create fabrics and textures that add depth and artistry to any room. With so many choices, it’s easy to create window fashions that perfectly complement your décor. You can easily mix and match products in this line to work on sliding glass doors, large windows and many other applications.

Bamboo, Reed And Woven Wood Shades - Woven Wood Shades

Why Choose Window Fashions Made from Natural Woods?

Natural materials are very popular in home décor, not only because they bring a bit of the outdoors into your home but also because surrounding yourself with natural elements and greenery can have a positive effect on your physical and mental health. Natural wood window treatments offer a refined warmth, rich natural tones and organic beauty, and are just as good at light control and privacy as synthetic blinds and shades. 

One major benefit of using woven woods or bamboo window shades is that they are a renewable resource and are environmentally friendly. For those who want to minimize their carbon footprint and enhance the beauty of their home’s interior, woven shades as window coverings offer the perfect shade solution.

Another benefit is that natural materials such as bamboo and woven reeds tend to be lightweight, and this can make the window covering installation process easier. 

Natural wood and woven wood shades by Hunter Douglas are also versatile. You can order natural wood shades with no light filtering lining, regular lining, or room-darkening lining. The ability to control light helps you protect your paintings and furnishings from fading due to direct sunlight. The right window treatments can also help you control light in a particular room of your home, such as the bedroom or living room. 

Designing with Bamboo Shades and Other Woven Wood Shades

When you want to add the luxury of natural woven wood shades to your decor, you can capture a clean, elegant look that dazzles.  Nothing energizes the sense more than natural products and beautiful surroundings.  Ambiance Window Coverings would love to help you create the look you long for with our woven wood shades and bamboo shades.  Call Ambiance Window Coverings in Omaha for a complete look at this product line.

Donna Schrader

Donna Schrader

Lead designer with over 23 years of design experience as a certified Window Fashion specialist.

Bamboo, Reed and Woven Wood Shades

Decorating with bamboo shades and woven wood shades has come a long way from when they were first introduced.  Hunter Douglas woven wood and Alustra® woven textures® are designed to give you the greatest advantage when you are decorating with natural woven reeds, grasses and woods.  You will be amazed at the various colors, styles and weave patterns offered in an assortment of elegant products.  Woven shades never looked so good.

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