Bedroom Window coverings aren’t just pleasant-looking decorative features throughout your Omaha home. In your bedroom, especially, the right type of window covering can block out early morning light that interrupts your sleep and provides much-needed privacy in your personal space.

At Ambiance Window Coverings, we offer a variety of Hunter Douglas window treatments to feature in your bedroom. They will not only block irritating early light but also enhance the functionality and style of your space.

Choosing the Right Type of Window Covering

To achieve your desired bedroom privacy and block morning light, don’t just tape newspapers and tinfoil to your windows — invest in some quality, attractive window coverings. At Ambiance Window Coverings, we offer a wide selection of Hunter Douglas blinds, shades and shutters that will enhance your bedroom decor while adding style and personality as well as help control your room’s temperature and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

But what type of window covering is right for you? Here’s what to consider:

Selecting the Right Bedroom Window Coverings Style in Omaha

Use your window treatments to help connect your space in terms of light, texture, contrast and movement. Consider how your window covering will complement or contrast with your current furnishings, bed coverings and other accessories. Have you designed your bedroom to be more bohemian, traditional, minimalist, coastal or eclectic? Choose a set of bedroom blinds, shades or curtains that best enhances your current space.

How will different window treatment colors add to the aesthetic of the space? For bedrooms, natural colors like blues, greens and browns are ideal for the space where you expect to wind down and relax. Blues and greens are peaceful, evoking a sense of renewal — the perfect message when waking up fresh in the morning. Browns create a sense of warmth and closeness. To add a sense of drama, creativity and diversity, you can also incorporate purples into your window treatments.

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Designing your ideal bedroom space can be overwhelming with the wide selection of window treatments, colors and materials available. To have the most functional and stylish bedroom window coverings in your home, call the experts at Ambiance Window Coverings to schedule a free window treatment consultation. Our owner-designer has over 23 years of experience elevating homes throughout Omaha, NE. With our large selection of Hunter Douglas bedroom shades, blinds and curtains, you can have stunning decor and premium-quality bedroom window coverings at an affordable price.

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