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Best Sliding Glass Doors Covers For Your Omaha Home

With the window covering designs available today, homeowners now don’t have to choose between attractive designs and utility. The following window treatments are the perfect blend of beautiful finishes that are able to smoothly glide across the spans of your sliding glass door without blocking your path or becoming bothersome.

If you’re looking for a new sliding glass door window treatment, consider these alternative options:

  • Vertical Honeycomb Shades: Sliding glass doors are wide openings that, during the summer and winter months, can allow a lot of interior air to escape. By installing energy-efficient honeycomb (cellular) shades over your sliding glass door, you can prevent this inconvenient and costly air transference. Vertical honeycomb shades are available in several color options and come without cords or chains to ensure easy operations. With these shades, you can cover the entire doorway with one panel or have two, with each shade operating independently.
  • Privacy Sheers: For a breezy yet elegant design feature, consider installing sheers over your sliding glass doors. Sheers are simple to maneuver whenever you need to quickly access your sliding glass door and can be manipulated to provide optimal light exposure and privacy.
  • Window Panels: Available in a wide range of fabrics for added customization as well as a timeless or modern appearance, window panels are large sections attached to tracks that easily slide vertically to cover or uncover your door. These panels can be placed over any sized opening or expansive window designs. With window panels as your preferred sliding glass door window treatment option, you can make a bold interior design statement and have easy access through your doorway.
  • Woven Wood Shades: For an organic and natural feel in your space, opt for vertical woven wood shades. These bamboo, wood, and grass woven shades smoothly glide vertically to open and are a subtle, attractive addition to any type of home décor. The design of these shades allows subtle peeks of light to enliven your room while also offering protection and privacy.
  • Shutters: When you crave classic elegance and versatility in your décor, consider traditional shutters for your sliding glass door, available in bifold and bypass designs. Bifold options open outward to reveal your doorway while bypass options will slide along a track. Note that half of your doorway will be covered when using shutters. Shutters are available in several attractive color and stain options, are easy to maintain, and are ideal for areas with high traffic. Another perk of shutter window coverings is that the slats can be easily adjusted for optimal light exposure.

Reimagine Your Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments With Ambiance Window Coverings

With Ambiance Window Coverings as your trusted window treatment design and installation company, you can toss out your dated, uninspired vertical blinds and replace them with fashionable designs. We exclusively stock high-quality Hunter Douglas window treatments available in a variety of styles that can be customized to fit your home’s sliding glass door.

To fully explore your options and find beautiful treatments that fit your needs and budget, our talented design team also offers free in-home design consultations. Learn more about our selection of window coverings for sliding glass doors by calling +1-402-932-9711 or filling out our online contact form.

Donna Schrader

Donna Schrader

Lead designer with over 23 years of design experience as a certified Window Fashion specialist.

Best Sliding Glass Doors Covers

For many years, vertical slat blinds were the most practical and effective window treatment option for sliding glass doors. But this style is often seen as a bit drab and lifeless, without adding any real interest to your living space. Today, window covering options have evolved and homeowners have the option of finding both stylish and functional treatments that neatly fit over the sliding glass doors and allow for simple, fast entrances. Let your sliding glass door become part of your attractive interior with several eye-catching window blind and shade designs, including energy-efficient cellulars, panels and shutters.

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