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The Vertical Solutions® line of blinds from Hunter Douglas offers contemporary style at a price point that’s right for nearly any household. Despite being one of the company’s most affordable vertical window blinds, Vertical Solutions products nevertheless offer quality and an advanced feature set that’s comparable to more expensive options.

Like all Hunter Douglas products, they’re also backed by a lifetime limited warranty so you know your purchase will deliver reliable, long-term durability.

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Vertical Solutions® Blinds Product Details

Hunter Douglas offers Vertical Solutions blinds in fabric and vinyl. Available sizes range from 9” by 12” to 299” by 192” — large enough to provide coverage for bay windows, French doors, skylights and other architectural features. Custom shapes are available to accommodate oddly-sized openings. All blinds feature 3 ½” louvers to let more light in when opened.

Protect Your Furniture and Your Family

Constant exposure to UV rays has been associated with adverse health effects such as premature aging and certain skin cancers. It’s also the main reason why upholstery and carpeting lose their color over time. Even a set of affordable vertical blinds will help keep your furniture looking its best — and potentially protect your family from harm.

Hunter Douglas blinds filter up to 75% of UV rays, making them one of the best ways to limit exposure in the home.

Enjoy Peace, Quiet and Comfort With Affordable Fabric Blinds

Fabric vertical blinds are extremely good at absorbing ambient noise. If you live on a busy street, you’ll immediately notice the difference a new set can make. Blinds can also help insulate your home and reduce solar heat, keeping temperatures more stable year-round and reducing your reliance on heating and air conditioning equipment.

A More Welcoming Home

The impact that new blinds have on your home can range from subtle to dramatic. Hunter Douglas offers Vertical Solutions blinds in a range of colors and patterns to suit any taste. Whether you want something neutral that will brighten up a room without overpowering your existing décor or something bold that will immediately attract attention, Ambiance Window Coverings can help. We carry the entire Vertical Solutions lineup of products, and have extensive experience helping customers choose blinds based on their design goals.

Installation Support and Options

Vertical Solutions blinds work with a range of Hunter Douglas operating mechanisms, from conventional chain and cord configurations to motorized systems that make opening and closing effortless.

When you work with Ambiance Window Coverings, you’re working with a company that provides customers with full-service installation support and consulting. We’ll walk you through your options in detail and oversee all work to the highest standards possible. We’ll also be around for the long term to perform any warranty service that might be needed.

With an extensive selection of high-quality, affordable vertical window blinds and industry-leading expertise, Ambiance Window Coverings is your partner for all your design needs. Call or email us today to speak with a representative.

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