Great Ways To Clean Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shades Yourself

Last Updated: October 31, 2023

how to clean hunter douglas silhouette window shades, how to clean silhouette window shades
Silhouette window shades are one of our most popular window treatments. They combine the elegance of draperies with the privacy and light control of shades in a beautiful way. The fabric of Hunter Douglas silhouette window shades is designed to repel dust, soil, and stains. With simple maintenance, your silhouette window shades can last forever. At ambiance window coverings in Omaha, we’re happy to share with our clients some tips on how to clean Hunter Douglas silhouette window shades.
How To Clean Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shades, How To Clean Silhouette Window Shades

How To Clean Silhouette Window Shades Yourself?

Keeping your window treatments looking like new is important, and routine cleaning can help. Hunter Douglas silhouette window shades are designed for easy care and cleaning. Cleaning instructions are included with each shade and should be followed according to the type of material and style.

For everyday cleaning of your Hunter Douglas silhouette window shades, you can:

·         Lightly dust your silhouette shades using a feather duster. If you find dust or debris on the vanes of your ceiling fan, you can easily remove it using compressed air or a hair dryer on the cool setting. 

·         Gently vacuum the shades with your brush attachment if you need to do a deeper cleaning.

·         Spot clean your silhouette shades with a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water, you can also use mild detergent if needed. Gently blot the fabric and never rub. Fabric headrails should be spot treated with cool distilled water only to avoid damaging the headrail.

·         Steaming can be done if the fabric of your shade gets wrinkled, you can use a handheld travel-size steamer that provides continuous steam to remove the wrinkles. Do not hold the steamer head in direct contact with the fabric. A 6″ to 8″ distance from the fabric folds is recommended.

How To Clean Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shades, How To Clean Silhouette Window Shades

Clean Your Silhouette Window Shades Professionally

You can extend the life and beauty of your luxurious Hunter Douglas Silhouette window treatment by having it cleaned by a trusted professional every 2-3 years. We recommend using these professional cleaning methods:

·         Injection/extraction cleaning system: This method of cleaning uses a cleaning solution that is injected into the fabric and immediately extracts the dirty solution. This service is usually done right in your home so there is no need to remove the shades from the window.

How To Clean Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shades, How To Clean Silhouette Window Shades

Find an Authorized Hunter Douglas Dealer in Omaha, Nebraska

Your Hunter Douglas window treatments are made to be durable and look luxurious with a minimal amount of care. At Ambiance Window Coverings we carry the complete line of Hunter Douglas products. 

We have a highly qualified team that provides you with professional service to help you design, install and care for your window treatments. Contact our specialists for more in-depth information on how to clean or care for your silhouette shades.

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