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Fall Window Treatment Trends

Neutral and Natural

Natural woven shades are a big hit this year. From bamboo shades to bamboo and maple pulls, people are opting for a natural look in some of their rooms. Shades and neutral sheers allow diffused light to enter a room giving a calm, serenity while still allowing you the privacy you need. They are a good fit for most environments.

Fall Window Treatment Trends - Fall Window Treatment Trends

Going Green With Window Coverings in Omaha

Today many people are conscious about their health and conscious about saving energy. Manufacturers are helping by using fabric that has anti microbial and anti fungal traits woven in. You will also find a fair share of stain resistant and mildew and mold resistant fabrics for those with allergies. While non-toxic dyes are replacing dyes of old.

Metal blinds are back in style in an abundance of colors. They are easy to clean with a swifter and offering those with dust allergies a practical option.

Energy efficient blinds, shutters and shades come in a variety of material with the honeycomb design being the most energy efficient of all. This layering of cellular construction allows the heat or cold air to stay in depending on the season.

High Tech Solutions

With the desire to provide a safe environment, came window coverings with no cords. Today these cordless window coverings come in mechanical options for hands free operation. Use can use a remote, the Internet or a smart phone app to raise, lower and set your window coverings on a timer. This is great if you want your window coverings in Omaha to rise with the sun or you want to make a vacant house appear lived in.


Plantation Shutters in Omaha

Plantation shutters are all the rage right now. Heritance Hardwood Shutters with their new artisan series staining and distressing offer a classic look that is well worth the price. These shutters are this year’s Product of The Year according to the WCMA. Designed with the same characteristics, as fine handcrafted furniture hardwood shutters can’t be beat for style and durability. They are also highly energy efficient which makes them a great pick for fall.

Color, Pattern and Embellishments

For as may neutral, sleek lined window coverings are sold, just as many bold, embellished ones will be sold as well. Many people are opting for the eclectic look in their décor. Sometimes incorporating the look in their window coverings and sometimes using their window coverings as a backdrop to their other furnishings. Pattern can add color and interest to a room that is swimming in wood or no color. Bold stripes, colorful floral, and dazzling geometric shapes all have their place and appeal when decorating.

Designing With Fall Window Treatment Trends

As you can see fall window treatment trends encompass a board scope of fashions to delight each and every one of us. Our design consultants at Ambiance Window Coverings can help you navigate through the many choices you have and show you how different fabrics and materials would look in your home. Our professional designers and installers can offer you a custom look that fits your décor and style. Call Ambiance Window Coverings today and see what’s in store for your windows.

Donna Schrader

Donna Schrader

Lead designer with over 23 years of design experience as a certified Window Fashion specialist.

Fall Window Treatment Trends

At Ambiance Window Coverings, we can help you take advantage of the most popular fall window treatment trends. Now is a great time to explore the many options available from Hunter Douglas as well as custom drapery options. Looking at the popular decorating trends for fall 2014, we see many exciting styles incorporated into our window coverings. Here are the latest in style, elegance and innovation.

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