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Choosing Window Coverings to Improve Home Lighting Strategies in Omaha

When selecting new window coverings for your home, you want a versatile product to optimize the natural lighting available while also granting you and your family needed privacy and efficiency. By having access to natural lighting, you can save energy and lower utility costs, add heat throughout your home during the winter, and have more pleasing and beneficial lighting sources.

To best take advantage of your available natural light, it’s important to consider the materials of various window coverings and how each one functions. Remember that certain treatments are designed for optimal light exposure while others are ideal for dimming or entirely blocking outside light.

With the following window coverings, you can better light your home while also having attractive finishes and the desired amount of privacy:

  • Blinds: With new wood or vertical blinds or shutters, you have optimal control over the amount of light coming into your home. By opening the slats on your blinds, you can actually reflect incoming light off your interiors to create the illusion of added lighting. The slats on blinds or shutters can also be tilted upward towards the ceiling and cast light back into the room, creating a warm glow throughout your space. Blinds and shutters can also be adjusted to reduce unpleasant, irritating glares as needed.
  • Roman Shades: Having Roman shades throughout your home allows you to easily adjust the available lighting. Either open or close your shades as needed or choose an opaque fabric that allows for different levels of natural light to enter your home. By selecting a Roman shade with a lighter fabric, you can easily reflect the amount of light in your space and give your home a softer and more welcoming radiance.
  • Cellular Shades: Like Roman shades, cellular shades have variable-opacity design options for optimal light control. Cellular shades will transform the harsh sunlight entering your home into subtle, inspirational warmth.

Improve Your Home’s Lighting With Ambiance Window Coverings

At Ambiance Window Coverings, we offer the most attractive, versatile, and affordable window treatments throughout the Omaha, NE, community. Our talented and creative team of designers has over 18 years of experience providing exceptional and beautiful window coverings that will optimize the amount of lighting throughout your home. To best understand your needs, expectations, and style, we provide free in-home design consultations for all of our customers to explore our wide selection of window covering options.

We are a proud Hunter Douglas Dealer — maker of the highest-quality and most stunning window blinds, shades and drapes available. All of our window coverings are crafted from the finest materials and backed by a lifetime guarantee to ensure lasting satisfaction. Schedule your free design meeting today by filling out our online contact form or by calling +1-402-932-9711.

Donna Schrader

Donna Schrader

Lead designer with over 23 years of design experience as a certified Window Fashion specialist.

Improve Home Lighting Strategies

Throughout your home, you want access to natural light to create uplifting and welcoming environments, boost health benefits, and improve your overall mood. For the best interior effects and light access, choose window treatments that improve home lighting strategies and also enhance your space for the most pleasing environment.

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