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Sun Protection for Your Home

Sunlight entering your home can enliven your surroundings and brighten your mood, but these rays also feature damaging ultraviolet rays that can fade and deteriorate your fabrics, décor and furniture. By following these sun protection tips, you can easily block excess ultraviolet rays and keep your furnishings looking fresh and like-new:

Add Window Treatments:

Easily protect your interiors by installing attractive and effective window treatments around your home, such as blinds, shades, sheers and drapes. By having plantation shutters with adjustable slats or woven shades installed, you can allow light to filter through your home while still protecting your possessions. For added protection, design your window treatments to include a lining to protect your covering materials from sun damage.

Apply Glass Tinting or Films:

For long-term sun damage protection, apply a glass tint to your home’s windows. Certain options can even provide up to 99 percent UV coverage. Choose from color options that best suit your needs or even find a clear tinting option. With tint on your windows, you can easily place furniture or artwork near your windows and never worry that their colors will fade or discolor.

Install Solar Blinds:

Like glass tinting, a solar blind is a discreet method for installing sun protection in your home. Roller shades behind your existing window coverings will protect your treatments and can be customized to blend into your surroundings. Simply open them when you desire a bit of extra light or roll them down again for protection and privacy.

Organize Furnishings:

When organizing your home’s furnishings, consider which rooms receive the most sunlight and place your furniture in areas where they won’t receive hours of direct sunlight every day. For example, don’t place a red fabric sofa directly in front of a window that faces sunlight for a majority of the afternoon.

Choose Sturdy Fabrics:

Some fabrics are more delicate than others. Silks will quickly lose their coloring and deteriorate, while natural fibers like cotton or linen are more durable when exposed to sunlight. For added strength, choose synthetic fabrics when possible, including acrylic, polyester or rayon. These materials will resist deterioration and discoloration. Also, keep in mind that darker fabrics like reds will absorb ultraviolet light easier than lighter hues.

For the Most Attractive Window Treatments, Contact Ambiance Window Coverings

If you’re looking for the best and most attractive window coverings to revamp your home and provide lasting sun protection, reach out to the talented and knowledgeable team at Ambiance Window Coverings. Our team has over 18 years of experience designing and installing quality window blinds, drapes, and shades throughout the Omaha area. We’re dedicated to providing only the finest and most striking window coverings from quality brands like Hunter Douglas for long-lasting effects.

To learn more about our wide variety of window coverings and competitive pricing options, call us today at +1-402-932-9711 to speak with one of our expert designers. Or, schedule a free in-home design consultation by completing our online contact form.

Donna Schrader

Donna Schrader

Lead designer with over 23 years of design experience as a certified Window Fashion specialist.

Sun Protection for Your Home

When you look at your home's fabrics, flooring and décor, do they seem less vibrant than when you first purchased them? The sun’s ultraviolet rays have not only been proven to have harmful effects on humans, but sunlight is also linked to damaging your interiors. Over half of the sunlight entering your home is considered ultraviolet and infrared energy — and without proper interior protection, these rays could be damaging your belongings. Many of your favorite pieces of furniture or décor arranged near windows could be fading or deteriorating before their time. But by being proactive and placing proper protective items in place, you can avoid harmful sun damage.

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