How Do Day Night Blinds Work?

Last Updated: January 29, 2024

Window treatments aren’t just an elegant addition to a home or business space. They are functional pieces that provide comfort and control when it comes to privacy and lighting. Day and night blinds are layered window shades that enable you to let natural light in or block it out. They operate the same way as roller blinds but instead of one fabric's panel, day and night blinds incorporate the functionality of sheer and opaque panels in one blind. Read on to learn more about how day-night blinds work.
How Do Day Night Blinds Work

How do Day Night Blinds work?

Balancing privacy and the ability to diffuse natural light using one window treatment has been a challenge in the past, and was either one or the other. But now you can get both in one single product. Day and Night blinds also named ‘Twist Vision blinds’ are very popular because they are the only style of window blinds that feature transparent and opaque horizontal panels. 

These two separate panels slide past each other simply at the twist of a cord. Day and night blinds are somewhat of a hybrid between the Venetian blinds and the Roller blinds, taking the best of each blind and incorporating the two. They can be completely twisted, retracted, and extended to angle the light; this characteristic is taken from the Venetian Blind.

Day and night blinds operate just like the Roller blinds using a chain or cord. For more convenience, you can consider opting for motorized blinds. The blinds have two fabric layers, unlike the double roller blinds, that operate independently of one another, the day and night blinds operate from one single control panel. The back layer moves to align the stripes while the front remains static.

You can achieve the day look by aligning the transparent stripes, and total privacy by matching the opaque stripes. The day look allows you to see the outside but still maintain privacy. Like Venetian blinds, you can control how much natural light you filter by moving the stripes.

How Do Day Night Blinds Work

Benefits of Day and Night Blinds

Day and Night blinds offer two functions in one blind, which save you money as you don’t need extra coverings for your window. Here are some of the benefits of day and night blinds are:

  • Insulation: Because of their two layers of fabric, day and night blinds are an ideal way to insulate your home. During winter, they trap warm air to keep your home warm. While in the summer, they reflect the heat to cool your home. This help reduces your energy bills.
  • Light and privacy control: Day and night blinds give you total control over how much light you want to let into a room. If you need to take a nap during the day, simply close your blinds by matching the opaque stripes. But if you need for example to read a book, softening the light and creating a warm ambiance is a matter of pulling the chain or cord.
  • Easy to operate: Their operation is easy for anyone to understand. All you need to do is pull the chain or cord to achieve the atmosphere you want. Day and night blinds also come with a motorized option, which is more convenient.

You can now get your Day and Night blinds at Ambiance Window Coverings in Omaha, Nebraska. We have a day and night collection from Hunter Douglas that offers three window treatments, Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, Duette® Honeycomb Shades, and Silhouette® Window Shadings.

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