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Last Updated: October 31, 2023

Cleaning Guide for Window Coverings
How to Clean Window Coverings: Every home is unique. How often you’ll want to clean your window treatments depends on your preference.

How Often Should You Clean Window Coverings?

Every home is unique. How often you’ll want to clean window coverings depends on your personal preference and lifestyle habits. Typically, if you have children or pets, suffer from frequent allergies, or smoke indoors, you’ll likely want to clean all of your window coverings more frequently to keep your indoor environments comfortable.

In general, homeowners can follow these cleaning tips to keep your window coverings in pristine condition and reduce harmful, irritating allergens:

  • Dust or lightly vacuum your blinds and drapes every time you clean the house, or at least once or twice per week.
  • Perform a thorough cleaning of your window treatments once every season.
  • Twice per year, in the spring and before the winter holiday season, deep-clean all of your window treatments.

How Often Should You Clean Window Coverings

Steps to Properly Wash Your Window Coverings

To maintain the quality of your products, you must regularly clean window coverings using the proper techniques and materials.

By using the wrong cleaning products, you could accidentally harm your blinds, shades or drapes. Check out the following cleaning techniques to clean window coverings properly.

Cleaning Aluminum Vinyl or Faux Wood Blinds and Shutters

To begin, lower the blinds and open the slats so they’re in a flat position. Then, use a duster or soft cloth to wipe along the natural grain of the materials on the top and bottom of the slat.

Next, use the same technique when vacuuming, using the brush attachment to evenly clean each slat. When complete, wipe the slats with a dryer sheet to ensure all dust and debris has been removed.

For a deeper clean, remove your blinds or shutters and submerge them in a bathtub with water, two or three cups of vinegar, and a dab of dish soap. Add enough fluid to evenly cover your blinds.

Let them soak for about 5 to 10 minutes, then wipe each slat with a clean cloth. Use a small brush for hard-to-reach spaces. Rinse with clean water and lay out to dry.

How to Clean Real Wood Blinds and Shutters

For real wood blinds, you’ll want to use specific products to avoid ruining the materials. Lightly spray a clean cloth with lemon oil or furniture polish and then dust the top and bottom of each slat.

For very dirty blinds, use a bit of mild detergent and a small amount of room temperature water and wipe down with a clean cloth, then immediately dry completely.

Cleaning Honeycomb Shades

To keep honeycomb/cellular shades clean, use a duster or vacuum with an upholstery attachment and lightly clean the shade from top to bottom. To remove dust or debris trapped in the cells, use a hairdryer on cool to blow the dust from hidden crevices.

For a more thorough cleaning, wash your shades with a damp sponge soaked with warm water and a mild detergent. Remove excess water by lightly blotting your honeycombs with a clean, dry cloth.

Cleaning Roman Shades

Due to the wide variety of customization options, cleaning Roman shades should be determined based on the type of fabric.

For washable fabrics, perform light cleanings by dusting or vacuuming the fabric. When it’s time for a deeper clean, remove the fabric from the dowels and strings, then wash according to the fabric cleaning instructions.

If your Roman shades are made from silk, wool or linen, visit your local dry cleaning professionals.

How to Clean Custom Drapes

Drapes are a classic window treatment used throughout homes, and the type of cleaning you’ll perform largely depends on the complexity of your drape design and the materials.

Dust and vacuum the front and back of your draperies, paying special attention to any creases or folds, especially in drapes with swag, cascade, valance, cornice or balloon designs.

While cleaning, note any signs of damages and make repairs to avoid further harm. For any stains, spot-clean the area with mild cleaners and do not use strong detergents.

How To Clean Window Coverings

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