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Red is a warm color — the color of passion and strong emotions. It’s a color that should be used sparingly, as it can have quite a dramatic effect. There’s a reason why the expression “seeing red” came to prominence. Red can be used to warm up a room with a lot of cool colors, like blues and greens, or to add life to a smaller space, like a bathroom or a small kitchen.


In contrast to red, blue is a cool color — the color of the ocean and the sky, and a color that represents peace and tranquility. Use blue in rooms where relaxation is key, like your bedroom or study. Blue can also be used to create a feeling of space and airiness, so if you want to open up a smaller room, adding the right shade of blue can be just what you need.

Orange and Yellow

Orange and yellow are colors that are warm, like red, but not quite as overpowering. They confer energy and alertness, and may be well-suited for a kitchen to help give you a boost when starting your day. These colors can also be used in a living room to help stimulate lively conversation and generally bring energy to a communal space.


Green is the color of nature, so it brings with it a sense of peace and renewal. Like blue, it’s a cool color that can bring on tranquility and calm. Because green comes in so many shades and is such a versatile color, it’s suitable for just about any room, from bathrooms and bedrooms to kitchens and living rooms.


Brown is another nature color — the color of earth and trees. It’s a great color to offset a color like green and give that other color a chance to really shine. Brown is the color of sophistication, and gives off a feeling of warmth without stirring up the emotions too much. Brown is great for any room where you would traditionally expect to see wood, like a dining room or study.


Purple is traditionally associated with royalty, and is also a color that represents creativity. Adding purple to a room really makes a statement. Because of its versatility, purple can be both warm and cool, with darker shades being more dramatic and lighter shades likely to evoke a sense of calm. Use purple anywhere you want to shake things up a bit.

More Décor Tips

Color is only one part of the perfect overall home décor. For custom drapery in a variety of bold colors, and well as for custom window treatments in Omaha, contact Ambiance Window Coverings.

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Donna Schrader

Donna Schrader

Lead designer with over 23 years of design experience as a certified Window Fashion specialist.

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