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Choosing The Right Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb cellular window shades also have a selection of light-control options from sheer to opaque, plus an energy-efficient design that adds a layer of insulation at the window. 

Duette Honeycomb Shades

If you are looking for an energy-efficient window shade with a wide variety of fabrics, pleat sizes, and color selection, choose Duette honeycomb shades. They continue to be the market leader across the nation and are perfect for custom-shaped windows.

Architella Honeycomb Shades

If you want the highest level of energy efficiency in a window treatment as well as the best protection from UV rays, choose Architella honeycomb shades. You’ll be able to select from deeper colors with a richer appearance and fabrics that can stand up better against harsh sunlight. Be sure to ask about the tax credit available on these shades!

Applause Honeycomb Shades

If you are looking for energy savings at an affordable price but still want the quality of the Hunter Douglas brand, choose Applause honeycomb shades. Applause also has a Vintage line that is made from 40% recycled fibers.

Choosing the Right Cell Size for Honeycomb Shades

Knowing which cell size is right for your windows can be tricky. Ordering the wrong cell size can lessen its energy-saving efficiency, look wrong in the window, and even cause damage to the shade itself. Don’t let that overwhelm you. Figuring out the right cell size is easy. 

Double versus Single Cell

Double cell honeycomb shades offer more insulation, saving you even more money on energy costs. However, this also means the shades are much heavier than their one-cell counterpart. Choosing double cell shades for a large window can make it difficult and too heavy to operate. As a result, it can cause cord strain and even some bowing because of its weight. So, leave double cell shades for small to midsized windows.

Single cell honeycomb shades are obviously much lighter, as was already mentioned. Even though they provide less insulation than the double cells, they still are great options if you want added insulation. No matter if you choose a cellular shade with single or double cells, you’ll still get the same great look and the same great benefits, just to different degrees.

Small Cell Sizes

Smaller cells mean the pleats are narrower, which makes it perfect for a smaller window. Our smallest cell size is 3/8”. Using small cell shades for big windows can make it look chaotic because of the excessive number of cells and pleats. If you have a narrow window sill, go with small cell shades so they fit naturally.

Medium Cell Sizes

If you have a medium-sized window and are looking for a cellular shade that reflects that size, go with 1/2″ or 9/16” cell sizes. These sizes are the most popular because they provide good balance for all sizes of window, all without being too overwhelming.

Large Cell Sizes

Large windows should be covered with 3/4″ single cell shades. Because of the distance these shades will need to cover, you want to make sure they will be light enough so they won’t need extra support and that they’re still easy to use. This cell size is also great aesthetically because of its large pleats, bringing refinement and sophistication to any large window. If you have deeper window sills, choose large cell shades to make use of all that space.

Choose With Confidence

No matter the shade you choose, you can buy with confidence because all Hunter Douglas honeycomb products are backed by the Lifetime Guarantee and Right Choice Promise.

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At Ambiance Custom Window Coverings in Omaha, we exclusively stock a full line of Hunter Douglas custom blinds and shades and other custom window treatments. All of our products are from the finest materials and backed by a lifetime guarantee. To learn more about our Omaha hybrid shutters and blinds or to explore your window design possibilities, contact us today by completing our online contact form or calling +1-402-932-9711.

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Donna Schrader

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Choosing The Right Honeycomb Shades

When it comes to honeycomb shades, many of our customers wonder whether they should choose Architella®, Duette®, or Applause®.  Here at Ambiance Window Coverings in Omaha, NE, we’re more than happy to help you. Read on to help you choose the right honeycomb shades for your Omaha home.

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