Window Sheers for Greater Omaha Homes

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Covering by Ambiance


Window shadings, with Hunter Douglas’s Signature S-Vane,™ are designed to softly diffuse light, creating stunning shadows and ambient light effects. Two sheers suspend a series of soft fabric vanes which easily adjust for your comfort and privacy while offering great UV protection. Silhouette shadings are also available with the LiteRise® system, which eliminates cords for the perfect child and pet safety option. Choose Hunter Douglas’ Silhouette for your Omaha home to add a sleek look. These window sheers will direct light into a series of unique patterns, highlighting your furniture and design appointments throughout your home.

Luminette Sheers by Ambiance Window Coverings


Do you have nosy neighbors? Consider outfitting your Omaha home’s windows with Hunter Douglas’ curtain-style Luminette Privacy Sheers, available in a wide array of fashionable colors and fabrics that offer excellent light control and concealment options. Choose more translucent panes for a brighter airy look, or room darkening panes for greater light control. Luminette Privacy Sheers are great for large windows and sliding glass doors, and also offer excellent UV protection. These modern sheers will beautify your Omaha home with their elegant designs, offering you the option to retreat into solitude when you need it most.

Ambiance Window Coverings_Hunter Douglas Pirouette Sheer


Hunter Douglas’ Pirouette line of window shadings offers a whole new way of controlling light in your Omaha home. Gently pull the cord and horizontal vanes of soft fabric expand to filter natural light, or you can contract them for unobstructed views. Hunter Douglas’s Invisi-Lift™ system allows these vanes the appearance of floating, giving your room a touch of elegance. Pirouette window shadings also have a sheer backing which delivers UV protection and reduced glare, even when the shades are opened. Hunter Douglas’ Pirouette window shadings can help add a modern, chic flair to your Omaha abode.

Alustra Silhouette_Window Covering

Alustra Silhouette® 

If your home is a true one-of-a-kind design, consider Hunter Douglas’ Alustra Silhouette® line. Designed with your distinctive style in mind, Silhouette window shadings in the Alustra® Collection offer your Omaha home an exclusive assortment of coordinated fabrics and hardware. If you want the ultimate customizable look for your Silhouette window shadings, you’re sure to enjoy the rich offerings of the Alustra Collection.

Alustra Luminette Privacy Sheer by Ambiance Window CoveringsAlustra Luminette Privacy Sheer

If you have large windows or French doors, Alustra® Luminette® Privacy Sheers are a great window sheer design choice for your Omaha home because they offer both privacy and precise light control. With translucent facings and fabric vanes available from translucent to room-darkening, these curtain-style sheers offer an unmatched level of light control. With the wide range of customizable coordinates and hardware in Hunter Douglas’s Alustra Collection, finding the perfect Luminette Privacy Sheer to match your style has never been easier. Give your unique Omaha home the window design touches it deserves with one of these stunning sheers.

Ambiance Window Coverings - HD Nantucket


For the perfect combination of privacy, natural light diffusion, and outdoor views, the Nantucket™ shade offers your Omaha home a distinctively modern and versatile take on window treatments. These shadings transform harsh natural light into a warm, beautiful glow, adding that extra touch of comfort to your rooms. Nantucket shades can also raise to disappear completely into the headrail for clear views of the outdoors.