A Guide To Custom Drapes

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A guide to custom drapes will help familiarize you with the terms people frequently use when they are talking about plain and patterned drapery panels. If you are interested in designing custom drapery, you’ll find this article will help you with the ends and outs of working with your interior decorator.

a guide to custom drapes

A Guide To Custom Drapes

Working Vocabulary:

Pattern – This is a decorative design. Now that is a pretty broad definition. In window coverings there are a multitude of options. Do you want bold prints or a chevron, stripes or geometric shapes? Do you want to create a focal point with your custom drapery or just enhance the décor that is already stunning? The pattern you pick is often determined by what else you want to achieve in the room. For example, a vertical stripe can enhance small spaces or make the room look taller. A dramatic pattern is perfect for balancing a neutral décor. Whatever design you pick will determine how much fabric you need too.

Style: Flat, pleated, pinch-pleats Working with patterned fabric creates an unusual visual effect. Typically patterned fabrics are woven or printed with the design running horizontally and repeated along the length of the fabric. If the fabric lays flat or is stationary you get a different view than if you have pleats or parallel folds when you open the curtain. Tighter patterns are easier to match up. Your fabric may require being cut to get to the desired layout.

Standard Width – a standard drapery panel is approximately 48” wide when closed. As with many things there are industry standards that can dictate how you design your custom drape.

Finials– these are the decorative knobs or ends of your drapery rods. They can also be used individually to hold back the curtain and look similar to knobs on the wall.

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In-home Design Consultations

At Ambiance Window Coverings, we will be happy to work closely with you. Donna, our interior decorator and designer will help you choose the right material and fabric to create the perfect window treatment for your windows. We will show you ways to enhance your unique architecture while keeping your personal taste and style in mind. Because we work in your home, our fabrics will match perfectly and we’ll have the right measurements to create a unique custom drapery that will flatter your décor.


Hanging Draperies

Ideally draperies are hung halfway between the window trim and the ceiling. This allows your windows to provide maximum natural lighting and also this makes your rooms appear bigger. You will find many draperies are hung from the ceiling to the floor and some puddle on the ground for an elegant touch. Our professional installers will be happy to install your custom drapery so that they capture the right look for your living space. We will also make sure you have the correct rods, hooks or finials to finish the look.

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A Guide to Custom Drapes

If you are looking for custom drapes in Omaha, Ambiance Window Coverings can help you design exactly what you’re looking for. Custom Drape is designed uniquely for each customer and is made with the quality craftsmanship you would expect in superior window treatments. Call today, we would love to show you our portfolio of custom drapery and window treatment designs.


Custom Curtains in Omaha Nebraska

custom curtains in Omaha Nebraska
Custom curtains in Omaha Nebraska will transform your home into a comfortable, distinctive customized home. Nothing can update a home faster than installing custom window treatments.   Donna can help you design a look that is all your own and fits like it was made specially for you and it will be.

Choosing the Right Window Treatment

Ambiance Window Coverings offer a wide selection of drapery and blind solutions. We carry the complete Hunter Douglas product line as well as customized draperies and accessories so that you will be sure and find the exact solution you need to make your room updates a success.

You can choose Hunter Douglas Sheers in fabrics that can block the sunlight or allow it to filter into the room. There are so many design options custom curtains in Omaha Nebraskaand fabrics to choose from, you can find an option that will fit your taste and needs.

Custom draperies come in a limitless variety of styles and fabrics. You can design curtains to work the way you want them to and accentuate your existing décor. Custom curtains in Omaha Nebraska can offer your home the ambiance and look you want to add elegance or personal flair to your rooms.

Ambiance Window Coverings

Ambiance Window Coverings offers the best in custom curtains. We carry unique fabrics hand chosen from the best suppliers. We also offer are a full interior design company. We can help you design an entire house, a few rooms or just give you advise on a few pieces. You will find working with Donna is a fun experience and you will be delighted with the outcome.

Ambiance Window Coverings offer free in-home shopping for all your Omaha Nebraska custom curtains. You can relax and enjoy shopping in the atmosphere of your home. There is no better way to ensure your custom curtains are ordered to match and fit perfectly.

custom curtains in Omaha Nebraska

Custom Curtains in Omaha Nebraska

Curtains and draperies that are custom made have a better quality, look and feel than any store bought curtain. Because Ambiance Window Coverings offer more than just custom curtains, you can easily mix and match window treatments. Layering fabric or adding a cornice or top treatment is a great way to customize your curtains. You can also add custom curtains to your blinds or shutters for a distinct warm look.

When your looking for custom curtains in Omaha Nebraska and the surrounding area, call Donna at Ambiance Window Coverings and see what she can do for you!