Your Guide to The Best Blinds For Bathroom Windows

Last Updated: October 31, 2023

The best blinds for bathroom windows
Choosing the right bathroom blinds can be more complicated than choosing blinds for other rooms in your house, as there is more to consider. Because of the moist and steamy atmosphere, bathroom blinds can be susceptible to mold and watermarks. The good news is there are so many blinds available that are hygienic, practical, and make your bathroom more attractive. Today Ambiance Window Coverings is sharing with you the same advice that we give to the hundreds of clients who trust us to make their bathroom blinds.
The Best Blinds For Bathroom Windows

What to Consider When Choosing Your Bathroom Window Treatments

  • Privacy: is very important when it comes to selecting window treatments, and it’s even more crucial when choosing the best blinds for bathroom windows. Light-filtering window treatments are ideal for bathrooms and add privacy without blocking out too much natural light. 
  • Moisture Resistance: Because of the high humidity of bathrooms, you need to choose the material of your blinds carefully. Fabric blinds will trap water, stain quickly, and potentially mildew. Wood tends to crack and warp when exposed to prolonged humidity and moisture. That’s why moisture-resistant and mildew-resistant materials will be a perfect choice here.
  • Light Filtering: Natural light is always admired in a bathroom. It makes the space feel brighter and bigger and even can boost your mood. Light-filtering window treatments can provide privacy while allowing in natural light.
The Best Blinds For Bathroom Windows

What Are The Best Blinds for Bathroom windows?

The perfect blinds for your bathroom are made from materials that are water-resistant. We recommend choosing one of these four materials: PVC, Faux Wood, Aluminum, and vinyl.

PVC Roller blinds

PVC Roller Blinds are an ideal choice for bathrooms. Available in a variety of stylish designs, colors, and textures, they are moisture-resistant and very easy to clean. PVC is an incredibly strong and durable material, it’s manufactured to be able to resist everything from rain and strong winds to high levels of UV sunlight without cracking, warping, or fading.

Faux Wood blinds

Faux wood blinds combine the natural beauty of the real wood grain, with the practicality of man-made materials. Due to their moisture resistance, affordability, durability, and sophisticated styling, faux wood blinds are among the best window treatments for bathrooms. They can also be cleaned with soapy water at any time to keep mildew at bay.

Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are always a good pick for bathrooms. They can provide privacy while bringing more natural light into your bathroom, or keeping it out if you choose a blackout blind. Also, their honeycomb construction provides extra insulation and fantastic protection from UV rays and heat transfer.

Vertical blinds

Waterproof vertical blinds are particularly suited to bathrooms as they are practical and versatile. Their protective film reduces the risk of moisture and humidity that causes mold. PVC or vinyl vertical blinds can be tilted to increase privacy and filter natural light without closing them entirely. There is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, including many different textures and designs.

Aluminum Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are excellent for those who want to achieve a modern elegant look in their bathroom. They are made from moisture-resistant materials and offer a high degree of privacy and light control, as their slats can be closed as well as tilted. Aluminum Venetian blinds are a versatile, sleek, and durable option for any home.

The Worst Window Treatments to Use in Bathrooms

  • Wood shutters and wood blinds are not an option for bathrooms since real wood treatments can crack and warp in high-humidity spaces, and might also cause mold growth. They are also more difficult to clean, and not a good option for one of the germiest rooms in the home.
  • Solar shades also make poor bathroom window treatment. They are not the best choice when it comes to privacy at night, as they are designed to become transparent in darkness which will let people outside see directly into your bathroom.
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