Window Treatment Ideas for Luxury Homes and Condos

Last Updated: January 29, 2024

window treatment ideas

Putting together a well-designed room is much like putting together a stylish outfit. The outfit isn’t complete without a well-chosen shoe. The room isn’t complete without custom window treatments. 

Not only can a carefully chosen window treatment add a layer of privacy to your space, but it also can add to the design aesthetic of the space.

Your window treatments don’t have to steal the show. They have to work to enhance the design features already in place. 

Are you looking for window treatment ideas for your luxury home or condo? There are many types of window treatments to create just the look you want to create. Read on to learn more. 


One type of custom window treatment you might be familiar with is custom blinds. What you might not know is the plethora of blind options you have. 

Custom blinds come made from a wide range of materials and sizes. 

You could order your custom blinds as:

  • Vertical Blinds
  • Horizontal Blinds
  • Metal Blinds
  • Wooden Blinds 

Once you decide on the direction you want your blinds to hand, then you can work towards the materials for the blinds and the other design elements like color. 


One multi-purpose luxury window treatment you could choose shutters. Plantation shutters not only add to the design of your space with materials and color choices, but they also can add privacy to the space.

Many people also appreciate using plantation shutters in a room because they can open them for lots of light. They can also close them and really protect the space, including furniture, from the damage that can come from direct sunlight. 


Don’t let the idea of a shade fool you. Custom shades are eons away from the vinyl shades your grandma might have once had. 

Everything from honeycomb shades to sheer shades is available in fabric choices that another layer of decadence to your room. 

There is a number of ways the shades works to cover your windows, too. You can get a roller shade, a gliding window panel shade, or a pleated roman shade. 

Custom Curtains 

Luxury curtains are a nice design feature for your room. Often homeowners might even use custom curtains in conjunction with custom shades or blinds. 

You might choose to have luxury custom drapes made for your space in matching or coordinating fabric to other selections in your space. These could be panels for each side of a window. 

If you opt for custom window treatments, you can also choose their design, including whether they’re sheer or opaque and what type of pleat the panels hang from.

Another interesting option if you’d prefer to stay away from custom panels is to top your windows with custom window coverings. You might opt for a valance or custom cornice treatment.

Custom Window Treatment Ideas for Your Luxury Home

Luxury window treatments are the perfect way to add privacy and class to a space at the same time. Your custom window treatments can be chosen to enhance the design features you already have working in the space. 

If you want help looking for specific window treatment ideas, we can help. Contact us and let us offer a design consultation to choose the best window options for your space. 

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