5 Window Coverings Ideas for Winter to Keep your Home Warm

Last Updated: February 3, 2024

Window Coverings Ideas for Winter

Weather can get pretty cold in winter months and preparing your home for this season is all about making it feel cozy and warm.

Make sure your windows are tucked in with the right window covering. By choosing a new window covering that can help you control the temperature in your space.

Learn about highly efficient window coverings ideas for winter to keep your home warm and reduce your energy bills.

Optimize Privacy with Plantation Shutters

Window Coverings Ideas For Winter

Plantation shutters are a great cost-efficient option as you can arrange their slats for maximum energy efficiency based on the season. For example, they can be pointed upward during winter and downwards during summer.

During winter, with the slats kept upward, the cold air between the shutter and window is trapped and won’t enter your space.

This solid wood option has become popular in many homes across the U.S., because of its elegant and stylish look. And because they’re made of hardwood, they can provide a thicker barrier against the cold than fabric shades or curtains.

Choose Thicker Drapes

Window Coverings Ideas For Winter

Draperies are an excellent option to add extra insulation on top of an existing window covering, like insulating shades or blinds. They help control the temperature inside and prevent heat loss in winter months.

So, if you wish to block cold air, consider choosing thicker draperies, you can choose from a wide range of fabrics and colors to match them with your home decor.

Like other types of window coverings, drapes can be left open during the day to allow winter sunlight, and closed at night for optimum privacy.

Try Thermal Blinds

Window Coverings Ideas For Winter

Generally, window blinds aren’t the best option for insulating your windows. Unlike curtains and shades, they have gaps between the slats. However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid window blinds at all.

If blinds are what you are looking for, you can find insulated window blinds. They are made with thermal fabric and designed to have smaller gaps between their slats.

Thermal blinds are the best for cold weather because they are made using unique materials.

Go for Roman Shades

Window Coverings Ideas For Winter

Another great option to cover your windows during the cold winter months is roman shades. They are made from heavier fabrics and the sealed edges help provide better thermal insulation.

If you need additional protection from cold weather, you can pair them with other window treatments like shutters or drapes to improve their energy efficiency during the winter months.

Invest in Cellular Shades

Window Coverings Ideas For Winter

Cellular shades are one of the best window coverings in terms of energy efficiency. They help block heat in the summer while maintaining a pleasant temperature inside in winter.

They are also known as honeycomb shades because they have a unique honeycomb design that creates an air pocket between the window and your interiors to prevent heat from escaping, which makes them good insulators.

Cellular shades come in a variety of layering options that include single cells as well as double cells. For more effective insulation It is recommended to go for shades with double cells during the coldest months.

Need Help Choosing the Right Window Covering for Winter?

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